VMware SRM 5.5 & VMAX 20K

I have recently had the pleasure of setting up a greenfield Site Recovery Manager implementation. I thought I’d write a blog post series about it as it was an interesting experience for me, using some infrastructure kit I’d not worked with before.

I’m concentrating on the SRM and Storage part of the implementation for the blog, as that is where my efforts were focused.  However, there was plenty of other prerequisite work which was completed within my team; this included the creation of two sites, each with with:

– Management VCE Vblock 100 VMware cluster.
– Production VCE Vblock 720 VMware cluster(s).
– EMC VMAX 20k storage arrays configured with SRDF/A replication.
– Backbone core network, including: Links for DC’s, Firewalls, Load Balancers and VLANs for all services, etc.

The subsequent posts to this will detail how I set it all up!

Part I : Environment and Planning
Part II: Configuring SQL Databases
Part III: Installing Site Recovery Manager
Part IV: Creating CA Signed Certificates
Part V: Link SRM Sites
Part VI: Configuring Remote Storage Array Management
Part VII: Install Storage Replication Adapters
Part VIII: Configuring EMC Virtual Storage Integrator
Part IX: Provision SRDF/A replicated volumes
Part X: Swap Volume and Resource Mappings
Part XI: Create Protection Groups and Recovery Plans

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