About me

meMy name is Ryan Harris and I am a VMware/Microsoft/Red Hat certified Infrastructure Engineer; currently working for a red brick University in the South of the UK.  My current role is Senior Infrastructure Architect in Enterprise Systems Development, I love the infrastructure game and learning new skills!

I’ve been working in I.T just over 12 years and in the last 6-7 of those I’ve focused my career on VMware, as the concept of virtualisation really captured my imagination and gave me a hunger to learn more! In my career so far I feel very privileged to have worked in a number of roles with numerous technologies which have enabled me to become a strong overall I.T system administrator.

vRyan.co.uk is my personal blog, which I am writing in order to share as a technical resource with the online virtualisation community (and anyone else who will stumble across it!). My aim is to provide my knowledge and experience with anyone who might be able to benefit from it. I hope that my contributions will enrich what is already an excellent community; my end goals are to help those in need of technical guidance and to spread the word of VMware.

Thank you for reading!