VMworld 2018 EU – How many vExperts can you fit in a photobooth?

It’s been a while since I have posted, for a number of reasons really. The main excuse is that I haven’t been doing much with VMware for my job in the last few months and I don’t want to post anything that I didn’t feel relevant. I’ve been having time with family too, which is the most important thing.

I’m back at VMworld 2018 EU this year after entering a competition on Twitter and winning. Completely unexpected this year and a bit last minute, I love the power of the community although it was a bit of a mad rush to get everything locked in.

Last night I had some great fun at the Rubrik party, met many old friends and some new. A highlight of the evening was “how many of the London VMUG could we fit inside the photobooth”. It turns out not too many, but we managed around 5 or 6.

Disclaimer:- The quality of the pictures are down to poor light and a bad front facing camera. They by no means represent or infer the inebriation levels of participants.

Feeling fresh and ready for the keynote this morning, we headed down and I was lucky enough to sit with some good friends and in fact housemates for the week @GarethEdwards86 @AndyNash99 @Dark_KnightUK in the blogger area with great views for the keynote.

I’m not going into all detail of announcements and VMware progress because others will certainly cover it (I did make extensive notes I promise, but on a whim have gone a bit rogue with this post). However, some top things:

– VMware 20th Birthday!
– VMware green initiative. Saving 540 Million tonnes of CO2 emissions, this equals Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UKs output!
– VMware is now a carbon neutral company. Smashing the targets of 2020.
– “Possible belongs with you” using Tech as a for good.
– Daymn that NSX HTML 5 interface looks swanky!
– Heptio acquisition. Sharing a common mission of delivering “dial tone” kubernetes.

The things that resonated most with me today were Pat talking about Green initiatives and using Tech for good. The case study of Mercy Ships; a company that is trying to change a global surgery crisis, operating the worlds largest floating hospital that provides free care to countries in desperate need around Africa. Having remote infrastructure that is stable, in the form of VxRail means they can provide services without having to worry about managing tech and focus on providing healthcare.

Today has been a great day and in fact I’m confident it’s going to be a fantastic week. I’ve met lots of old friends and fellow @LonVMUG members. The spirit of community is strong and it continues to grow every VMworld that I attend.

A great example for me today was stepping up to assist @Ericnipro who came to the community area to ask for help for a French chap who was struggling with a VMware/Veeam issue. With the invaluable aid of @mwpreston, we helped the guy as best we could with a workaround script that we ended up stealing from Reddit. Then I chatted and caught up with Mike to which he gives me a jar of his homemade maple syrup!! Totally made my day, thank mate!

It hit me this week that I’ve actually made some impact in the community albeit small (although it doesn’t always feel that way) just by meeting people and spreading the word of the programme. A few people have attributed me to them now being vExperts which makes me feel good about myself and the community.

Too many people to mention them all, you know who you are! Too many people I haven’t yet properly met, let’s do this!

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