VMworld USA 2017 – Tuesday Breakdown

Tuesday starts with excitement at VMworld 2017, the keynote beings…


Pat Gelsinger and Michael Dell take the stage for Day 2, the crowds are in anticipation of a great session.

Pat opens up by talking about support and GSS. In recent years it is the opinion of some that support has been an issue and that standards might not as be as high as previous years. Pat states that he is committed to being the best technology partner and hopefully this will drive change from the top down through VMware to improve this area. This is fantastic news!

Michael gives his thoughts on machine learning and quantum computing topics. He talks about the sheer number of devices available now and the IoT trend. Data is growing at an exponential rate and if we are able to overlay computer science and machine intelligence to this data we reach a tremendous age of humans and computers working together for some great possibilities. He believes we are the dawn of this era.

Pat comes out with a classic line summizing this topic of conversation:

“Today is the slowest day of technical evolution in the rest of your life”.

Pat and Dell have a great rapport, this much is clear from their discussions on stage. There is a small amount of banter between them which gets the crowd laughing. It’s moments like these that make the event more enjoyable to watch as it shows that they are just guys who are passionate about technology, not multi-billion dollar CEO’s.

VMware and Pivotal are also announced as platinum partners of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Later, Ray O’Farrel joins the stage to a big applause, he is a peoples favourite. He jokes that VMworld this year is a bit like a rock concert. He asks the question, how do we build the products that they put forward for us, the customer. The main principals to this focus are:
1) Customers can take advantage of the most modern infrastructure available.
2) Pragmatic about how we consume the technologies. Robust, quality delivery.#
3) New consumption models and how things can be delivered “as a service”.
4) Developer friendliness, allow devs to leverage the infrastructure and applications via code.

Ray Demonstrates using a fictitious company “Elastric Sky Pizza”. They are using Project Leonardo to push forward the company with digital transformation. The question being how can this company use products from VMware to help this transformation?

The answer is VMware Cloud Infrastructure a Unified SDDC Platform. A dive into how this complete stack of technology delivers a complete digital transformation for the business. The most impressive thing to me in the demonstration that follows is the VMware App Defence product. It is also nice to see end-to-end use of the entire product stack. I highly recommend that people catch up on the this day two keynote!


The rest of my day after the keynote was spent catching up with fellow community members and wondering around the solutions Exchange. I met up with my buddy, and fellow @LonVMUG member Gareth Edwards and we had a flourish of creativity in order to try and win the Turbonomic competition. As luck would have it, I was judged as the most creative of the day and won an Nvidia Shield. Thank you so much!

Here are my winning entries and me collecting my prize.

In the evening, we went to the Pinball hall of fame for the vExpert party. It was great fun to chat with fellow dedicated community members! We had several drinks, some excellent food and played some old/new school pinball and video games!

The final end (or start) to the evening was attending the Rubrik Party at the Cosmopolitan Hotel/Casino. Gareth and I attended with our white VIP wristbands and went into a fully booked night club for the evening to watch Ice Cube and mingle!

A great end to the evening (at 4:30am)! Thanks to all who were out, especially a big shout out to my main Eric Lee who was on fire the entire evening. Such fun times and entirely the reason I love being a vExpert and party of the VMware community.

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