VMworld USA 2017 – Monday Breakdown

Monday has started and VMworld is in full swing: registrations have happened, VMunderground party has been attended and here I am….ready.


After a vibrant musical start to the first day keynote, Pat Gelsinger comes out on stage full of energy and praise for the VMware community.

(Apologies for the picture quality, camera is a potato)

“Science fiction is becoming every day science fact!”

Pat talks of older films such as Alien and how now there are similar cyber suits in Korea offering similar functionality. Dreams are becoming reality thanks to advances in technology. This means that we have a very exciting future ahead of us!

The question is, out of all changes in technology, what is the most profound? Our expectations are the most prominent it would appear. It is hard to believe that the next generations perspective has changed so much in recent times. He jokes about self driving cars driving like his old Grandma and how there is a dynamic of tech leaving the nest of tech.

He states VMware’s strategy of “Enabling businesses to create and deliver apps for their businesses”:
– Any device
– Any application
– Intrinsic Security

He talks of how the industry is reaching further than ever before; companies working together to unleash the potential of users most valuable resources. There is a reference to this with Fujistu working with Toyota to bring the next generation of pulse IoT for next gen user experiences.

Pat later shows footage of an early VMware sales call, it is full of 90’s references: from the Nirvana T-shirt rocker guy to the terribly dressed and over enthusiastic board meeting member acting. Funny stuff. Since those early sales calls everything has changed: virtualised data centers and public/private clouds. Pat’s passion and enthusiasm is clear when he discusses dusting off his old electronics kit and building a computer with his grandson.

Andy Jassey, CEO of AWS joins Pat on stage to discuss their recent partnerships in the public cloud. This partnership, as most know, is quite huge. They discuss the roadmap for the future, which is driven by us…the customers! It is good to know that our collective input is being considered in the platform that is delivered. Geographic expansion is a large part of this roadmap and future, which I will be watching with interest.

The discussion of security arises and how things can be secured for the better:

– Architect security into the infrastructure, making it native.
– Deeply architect the integrated ecosystem
– Return to basics and follow simple “cyber hygine” principals are adhered too.

This leads to the into the announcement that VMware AppDefense is off the product line and ready to go. It is going to improve security by monitoring applications in a virtual environment to provide reactive, real-time defence against potential malicious attacks.

Later, the Red Cross join Sanjay Poonen on stage. There is a moving video intro showing all the good work they do across the world. It is quite eye opening to understand the logistics of the organisation and how IT drives them forward. Examples given this really underpin the value of IT Industry in organisations such as this, making a difference in peoples lives.

As he wraps up the keynote, Sanjay states whats coming up in the forthcoming days for the delegates. It looks to me that there is lots of exciting content on the way and I’m looking forward to blogging about it. Michael Dell is due on stage tomorrow to have a chat with Pat and Sanjay which will be fantastic. News of a secret announcement on its way…

VMTN + Blogger Info

I have been hanging out in the VM Village catching up with folks and have had the pleasure of catching up/meeting with Corey, Katie, Elsa and others regarding the latest work coming out of the Digital Marketing social media teams.


VMware Communities

A lot of work has gone into VMTN in the last year or so with noticeable upgrades specifically focused on performance. This is down to the great work that Katie Bradley has put in.

There is combined effort with the VMware blogging program underway to make improvements to VMTN and blogs.vmware.com which will involve pulling together all the community content and digital assets for community consumption. This is coming soon so make sure you register to be a VMTN member if you haven’t already! The main program that is launching is coming out in Beta around the end of September. It’s a bi-directional object server to enable bloggers/digital-content-creators to display exceptional content from the community that will be hosted on the server.

The blogger program is hopefully going to start with a monthly round table call. The aim will be to have a 30 minute touch base and understand if there any pain points for us and how the blogging community can be further improved. There will be a top bloggers of the month award and they will receive prizes, with potential VMworld ticket prize give aways! There will be experts come in on the call to discuss topics and provide extra content to blog about.

Finally, there are going to be some improvements where there will be targeted content based on trending subjects and hopefully additional benefits for those who are looking to promote their blogs.

It all sounds great and I’m excited to see what comes out in the next few months!

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