My Rubrik Experience

For those who don’t know Rubrik is an up and coming Cloud Data Management platform which essentially provides a converged, scale-out, clustered backup appliance for all of your Infrastructure backup needs. If you have been living under a rock for the last 3 years then please take a look at :

Some other good reading on the product can be seen in the following blog post articles which explain in detail a lot more than I do in this post:


Penguin Punk

Recently I had the pleasure of this little beauty for a month for some testing:


R348 (Brik) – 1 Appliance
Nodes – 4
Disks – 4 SSD + 12 HDD (1 SSD / 3 HDD per node)
Memory: 256 GB (64 GB per node)
CPU: 4 * Intel 8-Core
Network: 4 * Dual-Port 10GbE & 4 * Dual Port 1GbE & 1 1GbE IPMI

Total Useable Capacity – 59.6 TB


The reason I had my hands on this device was to test the functionality of Rubrik, pure and simple. I hooked it up to a 6 node vSphere 6.5 cluster running 10Tb of FC attached storage which covers around 100 virtual machines, ranging across Windows 10, 2008R2-2016 and Linux (RHEL6/7, Ubuntu, Centos). I had around a month of “playtime” with a fairly solid test plan to get through.

Simplicity: We had the appliance delivered ahead of time and the onsite engineer came a few days later after a simple rack and stack. Within 2 hours we had the cluster up and running (it would have been quicker if it wasn’t for our network blocking mDNS!). Beautiful, simple deployment.

Configuration: See simplicity! I’d already created a Rubrik Service account in my domain with the correct vCenter permissions. Adding my test cluster was a breeze and the VM discovery happened within minutes. I could have added all my machines to the built-in SLA Domain Protection policies and that would have me good to go, but I wanted to play in depth!

Useability: The navigation on the system is a beautiful HTML 5 interface that is really intuitive. If you haven’t seen it I suggest you take a look. Whilst we had an engineer present, everything was so simple to drive it felt natural and elegantly put together. One of the things I was really keen on, was replicating some archive VM data out to a cloud provider. It is fair to say that within about 10-15 minutes, before the engineer had time to get me a guide, I had configured an Archive target to a fresh Azure Blob store I had created. So easy.


Features: Coming from a legacy backup platform that isn’t very well geared towards a modern data center, I was blown away. Going from only having traditional agent based backups for Linux/Windows to having some awesome benefits such as:

– Snapshots
– Replication
– Archival (Local and Cloud)
– Live Mounts
– Google like File system search
– SQL DB Point in Time Recovery
– Physical O/S agent recovery
– Well documented API to consume

Was quite a big turn around in such a swift implementation.


I understand the buzz of Rubrik and how they are a game changer in the Data Management, Backup/Recovery world. For modern data centers that are largely virtualised this is a product that really must be considered. Given the new 3.2 release where they provide the ability to backup your Cloud workloads using a Rubrik appliance, it really is starting to provide a well rounded and unique solution.

I would highly recommend any person looking into the backup space for their own benefit to make sure this vendor is reviewed!

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