vCSA 6.5 Upgrade Fail – Migration Assistant & VUM

I, like many have recently tried to update my vCSA 6.0 to 6.5. Part of this work involves running the migration assistant on the existing Windows Server running VMware Update Manager.

I had a failure recently and there was nothing noting how to fix it. The issue was trying to run the Migration assistant, entering in the administrator@vsphere.local password and getting a big fail message.

Error message:


Error: A problem occurred during authentication to the legacy vCenter Server using the provided credentials. Resolution make sure the vCenter Server is up and running. Verify you have entered the correct credentials.

Now, before I started my upgrade (blogs to follow) I checked I had all my passwords and that they were correct. I went as far as logging in to everything to test this, so I know the password was correct.

VUM was working through console and services were there, so what was the issue?

Then I remembered that a while ago I applied SSL Certificates to the vCSA for some automation testing!

The fix:

1) Login to the VUM server

2) Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Update Manager (or install path of your environment)

3) Load the VMwareUpdateManagerUtility.exe and login with SSO Admin (it worked!)

4) Navigate to “re-register vCenter Server” and enter in the details again.

5) Restart the VMware Update Server Service when prompted.

6) Retry the Migration Assistant

7) Success!

I couldn’t find any articles detailing the fix when I encountered this issue, so hopefully this will help someone in need of a quick fix! 🙂



  1. Sanjeeb

    Hi Ryan,
    Could you please send the MA log to check what causes this.
    It will be helpful if you could send the detail steps that you did before running MA on VUM.
    Thanks for the cooperation

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  3. Amir

    I got the same error but the mentioned solution didn’t help.
    After analyzing the error logs got this !!!! :
    “WARNING bindings.vc_binding Cannot get access to VC Inventory //, because of Error: For “password” expected type str, but got bool.”
    My password was “1”, I changed it to “a” & the problem solved. :))))
    Silly VMware programmers.

  4. Robert Hall

    Just ran into the issue and VMwareUpdateManagerUtility.exe did not resolve it for me. Noticed it kept showing up with username of admin in the migration assistant.
    Ran regedit and found the admin entry
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\VMware\VMware Update Manager
    VCUserName admin
    Set to administrator@vsphere.local
    Changed it and worked like a champ. Just in case anyone else runs into the issue.

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