Recent training and certification

It’s been a while since my last post but thought I would write about my most recent technology related experiences. I’ve been quite lucky in that I’ve been sent on multiple training courses with work recently which have really enabled me to learn some new skills and build on ones that I already had…


VMware vSphere 6: Design and Deploy

I had the pleasure of attending the most recent version of the advanced vSphere course in London a few weeks ago. The actual course information can be found here:

VMware vSphere: Design and Deploy Fast Track [V6]

I was very lucky to be staying in the QA Training building overlooking Tower Bridge which was an excellent place to study, if anyone is ever training in the UK I’d recommend it!

The course was lead by Gareth Baguley (no relation to Joe) who has been a VMware trainer for quite some time. It was evident by his knowledge on all things vSphere, clearly a passion of his. When a guy remotes in to their home labs to demonstrate technology and concepts then you know you are in the right room!

The technical level was just right for VCAP study. The actual content is split around 50:50 between the VCAP-DCA/DCD material. Having passed the VCAP DCA in 5.5 I was very much more interested in VMware’s design methodologies and concepts. On a personal note I wish the design was a larger part of the course but it was still invaluable to progress to the DCD (soon!).

Overall I’d highly recommend this for anyone who is either looking to progress from VCP to VCAP or for those who might be very into VMware but wants course to attend. Once you have attended this course you are able to sit all certifications. This might be good for veterans who have expired VCP’s but don’t want to sit through VCP level study. I’m definitely aiming to do the V6 DCD in the next year .

Red Hat Training


Also in the past month or so I’ve been lucky enought to attend 2 weeks of Red Hat Linux 7 training:


The first course was more of an introduction into basic RHEL administration. This is a great course as an absolute back to basics style where if you have no previous knowledge you will be in good hands. I found parts of it a little slow but also at the same time it filled in quite a few gaps in my knowledge; not being from a Linux background, having only dabbled in the past.

The second course was a bit more in depth and started to go a bit more advanced into things like storage, security, networking and other concepts which are vital to any system administrator. At the end of the weeks course I had a 2.5 hr exam which reminded me very much of the VCAP-DCA I did for VMware 5.5. Fully practical exam which followed the course material very well and was true to the blueprint that Red Hat publish.

I sat the exam and there were some tricky parts that I had not quite fully prepared for. I managed to take my time and work through the problems, ultimately coming out thinking I’d done well enough for a pass. The following day I received a notification stating that I obtained a score of 283/300 which I was very happy with!

I’m going to start study for the VCAP-DCD and possibly RHCE in the future so will post my experience in order to hopefully help anyone who stumbles across my ramblings!

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