vROPS 6.2 for Horizon: Installation

In recent days, VMware have released vRealize Operations Manager 6.2. I’ve been meaning to overhaul our VDI environment with vROPS 6.2 for Horizon monitoring, so why not blog about it? I recently installed VMTurbo to monitor our Production estate which I’ll post about in the future, but this vROPS instance is specifically going to be working on VDI.

I’ve broken the effort down into several posts as there is surprisingly a lot to cover if it is to be done thoroughly. This is a greenfield deployment on latest versions, following the documentation from VMware.


This section is mainly running through the brief steps to get the appliance up and working in your environment.

1) On the vCenter where you want to deploy the vROPS appliance, deploy a new OVF template…

2) Click next, accept the EULA.


3) Enter in your server name and select where it’s folder location.

4) For your deployment type, select the best for your environment, given the advice below the drop down menu.

5) Select the cluster where you want to deploy the appliance, resource pool and datastore settings:



6) Select the disk provisioning type and the network port group where you want to place the VM.


7) Enter in the configuration details of your appliance, making sure: Correct Time Zone, Default Gateway for network, DNS and Appliance IP information are all filled in.

8) Once the VM has deployed, boot it up!

The best thing about VMware appliances is the ease of deployment. This post doesn’t show a great deal to most VMware admins, but some of the steps get a bit more in depth and complicated later on. My next post will be on the configuration of the appliance through the admin interface.

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