Virtualization Monitoring: Setup and Configure VMTurbo

It has been a while since my last blog post; I took a little break over the Christmas holiday period for a number of reasons, the main one primarily being because my wife and I are expecting our first child in April 2016 and preparations are ramping up for this event. Instead of technical documents I have been reading parenting books! Also, I’ve been posting pretty much weekly for 6-9 months and I thought a few weeks off would be a nice break!

For work I’ve been involved in some deeper technical issues with VMware products that I hope to make some posts about soon in the near future. As this is still in progress, I’ve decided to go back to some content that I wanted to post a long time ago which slipped my mind! Back in June last year, VMTurbo decided to sponsor my blog which was really great. I’ve decided to post a quick guide on how I’ve setup a demo of the system in a test lab environment that I have at work to see how it drives.

VMTurbo Installation:

To sign up to VMTurbo the first thing you’ll have to do is download the software and also signup to get a trial license for 30 days.

Once this is done, you’ll receive an appliance to download and install in your environment. Here is what to expect:










VMTurbo Configuration:

One of the great things about this demo and it’s installation and configuration is how quick and easy it is to setup. It is easy a 30 minute job (if that). Here is what to expect when you boot the appliance on after installation:










I intend to follow up this quick post with a bit more of a detailed review of VMTurbo. The reason I am giving it time is that the environment that it is currently monitoring isn’t huge or difficult to manage as it’s a Sandbox Dev/Test environment. It has a good setup (5 hosts, FC storage, ~40VM’s, etc) but I just want it to run a week or so to get some decent stats to go and review.

I’ll come back soon with my thoughts and findings!

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