VDI on VSAN Upgrade – Part 6: Horizon 6.0 to 6.2

So I am now finally getting to the end of my VDI on VSAN upgrade series. This is going to be the final post relating to the upgrade, but I might continue to blog about the Access Point appliance as I have had some fun setting that up recently!

The target was to upgrade the Horizon 6 software to get the VDI up to the latest version (6.2). I was running 6.0.1 prior to this but reading through the upgrade documentation it didn’t look to be too complicated. My environment has two connection servers and a composer server which are all standalone, currently using an F5 APM to act as the security server although that has been a little problematic (and so I’ve been investigating the VMware alternative of Access Point).

I’m going to whiz through this upgrade with minimal instruction as it really was the simplest part of the entire series:

Composer Server

The documentation states that the composer server should be upgraded first. The standard rules apply before proceeding:

– Snapshot the composer VM
– Backup the SQL database(s)
– Verify software upgrade compatibility
– Ensure that all component IP and login information is to hand.
– Disable any pools from provisioning (Linked Clones that require composer).

Then, on with the show.

1. Download and install the composer installer. Run it on your composer server.


2. I changed my installer to a dedicated disk F:\


3. The installer should find your composer ODBC information. Ensure this is correct and enter in the password to proceed.


4. Leave the default settings unless you have reasons not to then Install.




5. At this stage I restarted the composer server to complete the installation. Upon checking the Horizon Admin page, I noticed that there is now a warning by the composer due to SSL self-signed certificate being renewed:


6. Click “Verify” then “View Certificate” and Accept it at the prompt. If you use your own SSL certificate and not a self-generated one, make sure this is appearing here.




Connection Servers

1. Login to the Horizon Admin and navigate to the Server Configuration and find the Connection Servers.

2. Disable the first connection server that is getting upgraded.


3. Having downloaded the correct media, login to your connection server and run the installer.




4. Once complete, I rebooted for good measure and then enabled the server to reverse Step 2.

5. Repeat 2,3 & 4 on the remaining Connection Server(s).

6. Once complete, all System Components should show green and healthy in the dashboard. At this stage I re-enabled the Desktop Pools and checked everything was working as it should be.

That was it for my environment upgrade! Kudos to VMware for making this so quick and easy.

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