VDI on VSAN Upgrade – Part 2: VUM Server

Following on from my last post, I am continuing to upgrade my VDI environment. Next up is VMware Update Manager, as I’ve already upgraded my Windows vCenter Server.

VUM is nice and straightforward. I’d recommend that before you start, you are familiar wih your VUM box and how it runs. Does it use a service account to run the update manager service, how does it connect to the SQL database? For me, I use a a windows domain user managed service account for the service and a standalone SQL login for the database. I’ve double checked that I have the passwords and that the service is currently working before proceeding with the upgrade. Final step was to backup the VUM database on the SQL server, just in case!

Upgrade VMware Update Manager Server 

1) Make sure the vCenter 6.0 U1 media is attached to your VUM server.

2) Run the installer and select VMware Update manager Server and select Install.

3) Accept the EULA

4) Click ok agreeing to the system detection/upgrade message.

5) Read the support information carefully. I decided to download updates after installation.

6) Fill in your vCenter server information at the prompt.

7) I received a prompt about my SQL database recovery model. I noted the warning and clicked ok. I’ll review this another day.

8) I kept the default settnigs for my Update Manager Server.

9) Key in the correct credentials for your SQL server. For me it was my SQL server service account.

10) Accept the database upgrade and tick the box relating to backing up the database.

11) Click to install and then finish when done.


That completes the super easy process. At this point, I also installed the latest vSphere client from the media and then ran the Update Manager plugin install to the latest version. That way I was able to use the latest version of VUM through the C# client straight away.

The even more exciting thing now is that you can manage VUM through the Web client UI. Which I will be covering in my next post on in this series!!

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