VDI on VSAN Upgrade – Part 1: vCenter Server 5.5 to 6.0 U1

I have posted before about using the VMware fling appliance in order to migrate from a Windows vCenter Server running 5.5 to vCSA 5.5 and then Upgrade to vSphere 6.0 vCSA.

Recently, my work has brought me across upgrading an existing Windows vCenter from 5.5 U2 to 6.0 U1. This system is running a three node VSAN cluster for a non-production VDI environment. I thought it would be good to document the entire upgrade just so that others can see how easy it is and follow the same steps. For this environment, I only really have to consider five main components to upgrade to bring them in line with the latest release versions:

– vCenter Server
– VUM Server
– ESXi Hosts
– VSAN (From v1 to v2)
– View (6.0.1 to 6.2)

I’m going to chunk these into a five post series, simply detailing how to do these steps. It’s certainly not difficult, I just hope it is of use to someone.

vCenter Server Upgrade

I was quite surprised at how easy VMware have made this process, although I admit that this environment is a simple one: embedded PSC, single SSO domain, etc. The PSC was a consideration but this is all standalone so it is just a case of getting up and working on the latest version. Some things I did before starting the upgrade process which I’m not going to document:

– Check all services are functioning as intended before starting.
– Backup vCenter and VUM SQL Databases
– Snapshot vCenter/VUM
– Tested administrator@vsphere.local credentials and SQL DB Service account details before starting to make sure they work.

Then it was on with the show:

1) Attach the vSphere 6.0 U1 .ISO to my vCenter VM.

2) Run the step for vCenter Server for Windows.

3) I saw a message asking for a reboot due to a previous install, not sure why, but I did this before commencing.

4) Following on from the reboot, I proceeded with the install, the following is just screenshots as there no explanation needed:





5) I then received an error relating to SQL permissions.

6) A quick check of this VMware KB gave me the answer I needed. Log in to SQL server and run the following query:


7) Return and re-run the installer and continue as necessary. I changed my default install and data export locations and left all ports the same.






Done! I then logged into the web client and checked all my SSO configuration and ensured that authentication was working. vCenter was fine and was managing my 5.5 VSAN hosts without an issue! No alerts and everything running well. Next post will be upgrading VMware Update Manager!


  1. vishy

    Just beware there is an issue with View 6.2 running on vCenter 6.0 U1 for VSAN. The issue where the dashboard in the View Admin console not working with java error will be resolved in upcoming 6.2.1

  2. Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris

    Hi Vishy,

    Thanks for the comment! I hope they release 6.2.1 soon as that error is something that needs resolving. Worth noting for anyone performing the whole upgrade now – to perhaps put it on hold until 6.2.1.

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