VMworld USA – Day 3 – Keynote

I’ve decided to take a different approach today for the keynote. Yesterday I took in the awe of the big hall but this time I’ve decided to head to the hang space and set up shop early to get a seat in front of the big screen.


Today’s main speakers are Sanjay Poonen, Martin Casado and Pat Gelsinger

Sanjay Poonen

Sanjay is the first to enter the stage this morning. He foresees that mobile devices are going to be the future and the remote control to most things in our lives, this is going to be the focus from VMware – any device any where. He goes on to mention that VMware are the market share leader in the EUC space and growing fast. Mobile is the new desktop.

He announces a guest from Microsoft, Jim Alkove joins him on stage to discuss customer benefits. Jim talks of the Windows 10 program and looking at bringing enterprise mobility to devices/users. The importance of security are mentioned, features such as device guard and credential guard. Identity protection is vital moving forward for users – this is important and come back to Sanjays point about devices being the future.


The spirit of the new world in Enterprise IT is highlighted that big companies are working together to optimize products for existing customers get the benefits from their infrastructure.

Sanjay then introduces Noah Wasmer. He demonstrates a brand new consumer device connecting to the cloud via the simplicity and management of AirWatch. It is now possible to combine AirWatch and AppVolumes to deploy software in a physical context to the end user device. The big announcement that these two products are combined as a tech preview known as Project A-Squared. Exciting stuff.

The problems of legacy applications is addressed by being able to harness the business mobility provided by this solution and enable these apps to end users on any device, any where.

Martin Casado

Martin discusses challenges faced in IT. The first challenge is provisioning and configuration of infrastructure, especially in a shared environment. The second challenge is troubleshooting, without having end to end visibility of all components it can be difficult to understand where the problem even starts. The final challenge is security, once things are released they do not change as it causes risk. The release of NSX 6.2 has a lots of new features, moving forward the era of network virtualization and addressing many of the above problems.

Pat Gelsinger

Pat enters the stage and explains how he is involved at the path forward VMware. Without doing that, he understands that it is important to go back in time and see how things have changed in order to learn for the future.


He shows a slide for how mobile-cloud is connected in 2015 and future predicted statistics for Q3 2019.

Devices per person is on the increase with future predictions going up to a predicted 5.9!

It is estimated that 5 billion people will be connected in 10 years. There will be 80% of people connected in 2025, which means that we truly will be globally connected. The impact of this is going to be substantial to business, education, healthcare, etc. It will be interesting to observe how technology will progress all of these industries.

Pat goes on to mention how the Unified Hybrid cloud will be fundamental in providing a platform on which all industry can harness the power of the cloud. He also states how Edward Snowden has made a massive impact in the future of security in the cloud and how countries have concerns about data sovereignty, but how this can be addressed by Unified Hybrid cloud.

Some of my favourites quotes from his talk:

“A security renaissance has begun, seize the day”
“Taking risk, is the lowest risk”

It is clear to me, as Pat nears the end of his time on stage, why VMware saved the best until last. He has had so much experience in the world of IT and is a: very articulate, insightful, intelligent and passionate speaker. I also get an impression that he is a very down to earth guy and a geek at heart; I really hope I get a chance to meet him at the vExpert party tonight!

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