VMworld USA – General Session Day 2

As the crowds pour into Moscone North, it becomes evident that this event has a scale that I had not quite managed to comprehend. This is easily double the size and experience I had of VMworld EU, if not more. I arrived around 9:30am and the seats were going fast. I wasn’t too sure where to sit so I made my way to the press/blogger section – of course, everything was already full. Luckily I managed to squeeze my way into the front and get a pretty good seat by the stage (somehow forcing my way into the middle of a row of fully occupied people).


There is a buzz in the air as people are anticipating the start and announcements to come. The noise of people talking is loud and constant and is only silenced by the PA announcement that the event is about to start imminently. I’m fairly confident I can hear the wireless access points dying a death above me too, they definitely didn’t sign up for this barrage! Offline blog post writing for me it seems!




The session starts with a on-screen video presentation for the cloud academy promoting the unified hybrid cloud for applications. Then the VMware President and CEO Carl Eschehbach enters the stage accompanied with some cloud native apps.


He welcomes the audience and informs us that this is the biggest VMworld to date, with 23,000 attendees and over 50,000 people watching the live event unfold. There is a special mention to 21 guests who have been to all 12 VMworlds to date, quite an achievement!

Carl emphasises the importance of the destination give back scheme which is going to unlock the power of the VMware foundation to donate to some worth charities. I’ve taken my picture earlier in order to promote the scheme, I urge anyone reading this now who is at the conference to do the same! It’s quick and easy and will ensure that some worthy causes are given a helping hand.

The “Ready for Any” statement of this years conference is in order to enable us in IT to: RUN , BUILD, DELIVER and SECURE any challenges that might come in the future.

VMware are focussing on the one-cloud option, partnering with IT administrators to give seamless integration between public, private and managed service cloud; enabling the unified hybrid cloud which is seamless to user for on-premise and off-premise IT. Support for traditional application development and cloud-native applications is paramount to future development. These apps are useless unless users can gain access to the content from any device, anywhere.

Bill Fathers comes on stage after Carl and discusses application scaling and preventing latency from killing revenues with network bottlenecks. The emphasis here is that VMware is the best option for customers to protect their business “Crown Jewels”.

Yanbing Li announces the VMware EVO:SDDC Manager, which combines simplicity agility and availability at scale within the datacenter.


A great new demo of vMotion from Yanbing showing the migration of an LDAP services VM from on-prem to vCloud Air, it’s very impressive. The newly announced feature of cross-cloud vMotion is well received by applause from the crowd and makes history.

This was definitely my favourite part of the session; excellent demo’s, superb speakers with fantastic presentation.

Ray O’Farrel and Kit Kolbert come out with 15 minutes to spare to talk about cloud-native applications and containerization driving business agility forward. The demo of developers using docker containers shows challenges of partial visibility from an IT Infrastructure perspective. A new product vCenter integrated containers enables visibility of containerized VM’s inside host VM’s. Abstracting the container VM’s from the guest host VM means that all management features any normal VM are now available to the container VM’s through the vSphere Web GUI.


The benefits of using Photon OS with Instant clone means that ultra low footprint, no memory overhead VM’s means that a “just enough” VM is created for container use.

Some great announcements and offerings from this general session, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s session!

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