VMworld USA – Day 1

Wow! It has been a hectic first day in the USA. I haven’t actually been here 24 hours yet and it has been a whirlwind!

I got into my hotel late last night and then the first thing I had to do was get up this morning ready for the VMworld 5k Fun Run. I was a little dubious about doing this as being a bit tired and jet lagged isn’t the best conditions to be out running but it was a great event, lots of fun and really worth doing! A totally surreal experience running on the Golden Gate Bridge. I’d like to thank the organizers for putting the event on and I’m glad that some of the proceeds went to charity. I got to meet some nice people during the preparations which is always a bonus.




After a busy morning I made sure I got back to my hotel, showered and got ready to explore the Moscone!

It seems apparent that during VMworld the conference and attendees pretty much occupy this area of San Francisco! There are people everywhere with lanyards and backpacks. The Moscone is separated into three main buildings and I took some time to familiarise myself with the locations and the different areas in each.

My first session of the day was the Expert led vRealize Automation 101 workshop (HOL-SDC-1621) which we ran through how to use the vRealize Code Stream to enable orchestration and automation into build, test and deploy scenarios. The lab is a long one so I only got to complete a few of the modules but it was a valuable insight into the power that DevOps can harness. This will be something I will login to at a later date and explore further!

I then had some time where I had no sessions booked and the Solutions Exchange had not opened. I decided to head up to the City floor of the Meteron building where @vmunderground were hosting some great talks. It was very quiet up there but there were many well known faces giving some great talks. This was my find of the day as I hadn’t planned on being there but had some great sessions which I tweeted about. Notably for me the backup and data protection one was very good and had an impromptu guest of @HowardMarks!

Finally, I took a walk over to the Solutions Exchange and was overwhelmed at how large it was. It has to be twice the size of the VMworld Europe exchange. Vendors as far as the eye can see!


I had some great chats with the guys @RubrikInc and will be following up with them later. Even if it is just to take a ride in the awesome Back to the Future Delorean.

I also got to meet the great @CodyHosterman who has helped me in the past with documentation on storage/SRM and also @AngeloLuciani at the Nutanix booth who is a great guy! Both people I really wanted to meet in person having worked with them online in some shape or form! A really nice thing to experience at VMworld.

I’m heading to meet some UKVMUG guys now, then I’m off to the VMUnderground party. My legs ache from the running this morning and all the walking I’ve done but I’m still having a blast! No rest for the wicked I guess. Looking forward to more sessions tomorrow!

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