NutanixCE: Live Presentation of a Nested Lab!

I haven’t been blogging for long and I’m not great with “web stuff” in general. The main reason I started was to share my experiences, meet new people and learn new things. I’ve heard that it can be a difficult thing to do: keeping up with content, taking the time to write it, getting views and generally keeping yourself out there and motivated. I understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that these things take time…

The amount of support I’ve already received from many communities has been astounding. It seems that since I started this journey things have progressed very quickly and it has been amazing to experience; notably, being selected to be one of the official VMworld USA Bloggers!

When I thought things couldn’t get any better, I was contacted by a guy by the name of Angelo Luciani (@AngeloLuciani) via the Nutanix Next forum, informing me that he had seen my earlier blog posts and wondered if I’d like to participate in an online hangout where we would demonstrate how to set up the lab, live! Now, I’ve not really done much public speaking before and I’m fairly new to the whole “put yourself out there” mentality so I was both very interested and apprehensive at the same time! Angelo was friendly and very understanding, as well as being an top bloke. I’d like to thank him (again) for giving me the opportunity and for sharing the experience with me!

For D-Day, we got in touch early and ran through some tests, using Google Hangouts to broadcast – which is actually a really good tool. After a little time getting cameras/mics/screen sharing to work we were ready and scheduled in for Wednesday 19th August at 21:00 GMT to do the broadcast. Angelo focussed on running the hangout and media and I had my lab up and tested (several times to avoid embarrassment).

The whole thing went by very quickly. I was nervous at first but then as the lab started and I got into it a bit more and settled down. Thankfully I had no issues with the lab, which is testament to the software and also my own pre-broadcast checks. The video is available on YouTube via the magic of Hangouts, which can be viewed here:

As I say in the broadcast, I’m a lover of technology.

I’m not the best at everything neither do I ever pretend to know it all – every day is a school day! Nutanix interested me because it is a great SDDC technology and I wanted to try it in a home lab as I didn’t have the opportunity anywhere else. I am also a big fan of VMware VSAN and have used it in several production environments and believe that both have their merits. I urge any IT Infrastructure advocate to get involved with a range of technology as it helps you understand more and enables you to form your own opinions and broaden your knowledge, making you a better technologist overall!

Starting a blog or presenting to a user forum of technical peers might seem a daunting task but it is actually good fun. If you enjoy your subject matter then this hopefully shows to your audience and everyone benefits from it. I’d recommend to anyone thinking of doing it to take the plunge, I’d always be happy to answer any questions from people who are thinking of getting involved in any shape or form!

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