SRM with VMAX 20K – Part V: Link Site Recovery Manager Sites

This post is going to be short and sweet! So far we have configured SRM Servers on both sites, each with it’s own database and CA signed SSL certificate. I’ll now show how they pair together and then in the next post I’m going to start the installation of the remote storage array management servers.

Linking Site Recovery Manager Servers

1) I found it useful to install the latest vSphere Client from the vCenter install media onto each SRM Site server as it means you can also manage vCenter from there.

2) Click Plug-ins drop down menu and find the Site Recovery Manager plugin and install it.

3) Once installed, navigate to the SRM Plugin from the Home menu. On the getting started page, select “Configure Connection”.

4) Enter the details of the Secondary (Recovery) site and select Next.

5) Allow the two sites to connect and then click Finish.

6) Now repeat stages 1-5 on the Secondary site SRM Server (or vCenter server).

7) When connecting to the plug-in you might be prompted, to enter the log in details for the remote vCenter. At this stage, I used the main SSO administrator credentials. Although any account with administrative priviledges can connect.

That is it, you should then have both Site Recovery Servers linked. At this stage I stopped to configure the remote array management servers which I will detail in the next post in this series.

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