I won the EVO:Rail Challenge – VMworld here I come!!

A while back I entered the EVO:Rail Challenge put on by VMware.


I did this for two reasons:

– I was interested to see their hyper-converged infrastructure appliance product in action.
– Motivation of winning a VMworld Full Conference pass!


I’ve always been impressed  by the Hands-On-Labs as it gives great exposure to a range of products with very little effort. My only bug-bear is that I don’t have enough time to fit them all in, as much as I’d love too!

The challenge takes pieces from the HOL-SDC-1428: Introduction to EVO:Rail lab and modifies it to make you fix the purposefully broken aspects of an EVO:Rail deployment. There are a few extra bits in there you have to complete before grabbing a screenshot of your time and ending the lab.

I received contact in early June stating that I had been shortlisted, due to having a good time, and asking for my screenshot – which I quickly submitted. The following week I was emailed by the team to inform me that I’d won. The official announcement was made last night! To say I am excited is an understatement!! It will be the second time I will have had the pleasure of attending VMworld and I can’t wait.

I’d recommend to anyone interested in EVO:Rail or winning a ticket to VMworld to give the EVO:Rail Challenge a go, you never know! You might be quick enough to win a ticket!

I’d like to close this post by thanking all the teams and individuals behind the scenes at VMware for making my week! It is an honor to have won and I look forward to seeing people at the event!


    • Ryan Harris
      Ryan Harris


      I took my screenshot and submitted the lab. I then uploaded my screenshot to Cloud Cred as per the instructions. I then later received an email from people at VMware directly stating that they had noticed that my time was quick and to send them a copy of the screenshot directly. Another week or so later I found out that I had won!


      • Arles

        Thank you! Only one last question, do you remember your time, I tried to do very fast, but some process took a long time to complete, I think that there are others with better time.

        Thank You Again!

        • Ryan Harris
          Ryan Harris

          Hi, I think my time was around 34 minutes left on the clock. This was a while back and I’m sure now that there are people who have probably done it quicker! Good luck with the challenge!

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